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Remind Buyers Good Schools Are Nearby

Before Staging


After Staging

Buyers with children or who maybe starting a family are looking for homes near good schools. When staging, make it a point to emphasize the location’s education opportunities. In my current listing 4693 Kolohala, I specifically staged 2 of the home’s 5 bedrooms as children’s rooms. Bed, desk for homework, toy and game section and a chair for mom and dad.

Leave Buyers with a Lasting Impression

4693 Kolohala

In the master bedroom of my current listing, 4693 Kolohala (Kahala), the focal point is the bed, however it’s the touching design of the side tables that will resonate with Buyers. Already welcoming with their cream color and circular design, I choose a peaceful starfish and a stone with “Paradise” written on it to stage one of the tables. Remind Buyers, especially mainland and international Buyers, what makes living in Hawaii so special. Sometimes the simplest staging items make the biggest impact.

Create Memorable Spaces for Children

Kapiwai #22

I designed the staging for one of Kapiwai #22’s bedrooms as a little boys room with a bright blue comforter and shark and whale bed sheets to give the space a fun playfulness while complementing Oahu’s sky and sea. I then designed a reading space with a furry stool, open book and teddy bear creating an adorable chair where mom and dad can read to their children. Showing Buyers what their life can be like is a staging essential.

Turn Wrinkly, Messy Bed into Crisp Focal Point

Waikiki Landmark Penthouse #3801

Turn a wrinkly, messy bed into the crisp focal point of the bedroom by ironing or steaming your pillow cases and comforter. To further spotlight the space, add a soft throw placed diagonally from one corner and prop an accent pillow (bright color) against the stack of pillows to draw the buyer’s eye to your beautifully assembled bed.

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