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Vintage Beauty with Glass Floats

One of my favorite things to stage with are glass floats. They add a vintage feel and island charm to a space. Glass floats used to be commonly found washed up on Hawaii’s beaches, but today discovering these hand blown treasures is much rarer. Place them in a bowl or vase to create a centerpiece, stage a large glass float on a coffee table or mix and match them with other Hawaiian pieces.

Remind Buyers Good Schools Are Nearby

Before Staging


After Staging

Buyers with children or who maybe starting a family are looking for homes near good schools. When staging, make it a point to emphasize the location’s education opportunities. In my current listing 4693 Kolohala, I specifically staged 2 of the home’s 5 bedrooms as children’s rooms. Bed, desk for homework, toy and game section and a chair for mom and dad.

Leave Buyers with a Lasting Impression

4693 Kolohala

In the master bedroom of my current listing, 4693 Kolohala (Kahala), the focal point is the bed, however it’s the touching design of the side tables that will resonate with Buyers. Already welcoming with their cream color and circular design, I choose a peaceful starfish and a stone with “Paradise” written on it to stage one of the tables. Remind Buyers, especially mainland and international Buyers, what makes living in Hawaii so special. Sometimes the simplest staging items make the biggest impact.

Set It & Forget It: Oil Diffuser

Appealing to Buyer’s sense of smell is an underutilized tool in home staging. A property’s scent sets the tone for an open house or private showing. Burning scented candles is one option, but that entails remembering to light each candle and blow them out. For a set it and forget it option, look toward oil diffusers. I love using SoHa’s Reed Diffusers which are made in Hawaii and fills the space with an pleasing fragrance welcoming Buyers into the home.

Inviting Scent Key to a Welcoming Home

Symphony #4008

Scented candles not only fill a home with a pleasing aroma, but leave buyers with a comfy, at-home feel. Look for subtle fragrances, avoid strong scents that may put off visitors. Gathering areas like the kitchen are an ideal space for candles. Pair with books about entertaining and Hawaii living to emphasize the dinner parties and fun gatherings to come.

Reuse and Repurpose

Waikiki Landmark Penthouse #3801

Reuse and repurpose items already in your home. The Chinese coin decoration pictured was moved from another part of the penthouse to the master bathroom and paired with decorative branches to bring the beautiful outdoors inside. Sometimes the best staging comes about from relocating one item to another shelf, countertop or room entirely.

Rent Your Home Faster with Staging

Diamond Head Rental

Get your place rented faster. Home staging isn’t only an effective means to sell your home quicker, but also makes rental properties much more attractive. A simple and easy tip is to add small pieces with pops of color to brighten up the space (e.g. accent blue & green pillows, bright beach towels on the lanai and an aquamarine footstool). In addition, who doesn’t love a cozy throw? Drape a warm throw over the couch or a chair in the living room to emphasis the property’s welcoming “at home” feel.

Invigorate a Small Kitchen

Diamond Head Rental

Invigorate a small kitchen by adding Hawaiian pieces (e.g. glass floats, sea shells and a leaf/plant) which will bring island living inside; add a few vibrant stools to bright up the space; and keep a small chalkboard handy for your little ones to doodle and play.

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